To serve is to replicate Christ, for “the son of man did not come to be served but to serve”.  We believe that effective ministry is rooted in serving others as Jesus did.  It is our desire that our service would be an extension of God’s love to those whom we serve, and and we pray that our actions would draw other people to Himself.  In seeking to do this we also hope that our actions may inspire others to do the same.




We are spurred on by the words of Jesus in Matthew 28:19-20 to encourage discipleship in the people of Haiti. Just as Christ mentored and instructed his own disciples we desire to see the fostering of spiritual maturity amongst the people of Haiti.  As the individuals of the church are equipped and empowered so also will the church be strengthened, which will spur on the church to be strengthened.  This will then motivate further development of new disciples, which creates an ever growing cycle of individual and church development.


We regard the local church as the most effective component in spreading the gospel of Christ.  As a result, we seek to aid in the development of local churches so they may be equipped for every good work that God wills them to do, to be autonomous: to serve the needs of the people, to make disciples, and to participate in the development of other churches.  It is our desire to continue to see the church increase in its ministry as we partner with them.